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A Letter to Foreign Students at CFAU

Dear foreign students,


According to the university's arrangements, the winter holiday will begin from the 6th January to the 27th February, 2022,and the spring semester starts on the 28th February (Monday), 2022.


All foreign students should re-register at your department on time for the spring semester. You should confirm the followings with us when register: 1. registration of your student card, 2. copy of your Temporary Residence Registration Form and confirm your telephone numbers, 3. confirm your passport information.


To ensure a safe and happy holiday, please be aware of the followings:


1.   All foreign students should fill in the form of "2022 Winter Holiday Registration for Foreign Students at CFAU" to ensure that we can provide you the necessary emergency help during the holiday time.


2.   Students who spend holiday in China must obey Chinese laws and regulations, especially the local pandemic prevention policy. Do not engage in any physical violence or conflict, do not damage public facilities, do not get involved in alcohol abuse, gambling and drug abuse, do not engage in any illegal activities. Students who stay on campus should also obey the rules of CFAU, especially the regulations of International Exchange Center. Students who remain overseas should take good care of their personal health and safety due to the ongoing pandemic.


3.   If you feel unwell, please report to the department, seek medical care, and stay home for quarantine according to the doctor's advice. When it is necessary, contact the staff members at CFAU. All the students must report to your mentor about your location and health condition every day.


4.   Please pay high attention to personal protection and personal hygiene. Students are suggested to wear masks, keep proper social distancing, wash hands frequently, and eating carefully etc. Avoid gatherings or staying for a long time in a densely populated place. Maintain good mentality and keep daily exercise.


5.   Please remember to re-register on time for the spring semester.


Working hour of International Students Section during the winter holiday:

Office 139 at Zhanlan Rd campus, ground floor of the main building

Telephone: 010-68323348

Monday to Friday, 8:30-11:00, 14:00-16:00


Wish you a safe and happy holiday!



International Students Section

12th Jan. 2022