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Notice on the APEC holiday

Dear International students:

According to the school arrangement, we’ll have 6 days off from November 7th to November 12th, 2014 during the APEC summit. We will have classes on November 2nd (Sunday) and November 15th (Saturday).

Classes on November 11th (Tuesday) will be moved to November 2nd (Sunday), and classes on November 12th (Wednesday) will be moved to November 15th (Saturday).


International Students should return on time after the break. To ensure a happy holiday, please pay attention to the followings:

I. Please fill in the form "APEC Vacation Registration for International Students at CFAU" as soon as possible, so that we can give you necessary emergency help during the holiday.

II. Students traveling within China must abide by Chinese laws and regulations. Do not engage in any physical violence or conflict; do not damage public facilities; do not get involved in alcohol abuse, gambling, or drug abuse; and do not engage in any illegal activities. Students staying on campus should also abide by the rules of CFAU, especially the regulations of International Exchange Center.
III. Students leaving Beijing should take good care of their safety and personal belongings, so as to avoid theft and fraud. In case of emergency, contact tour guides or local police station immediately for help. (Ambulance: 120 & 999, Police: 110) When necessary, contact the staff members at CFAU.
IV. Please be back on time after the break.



Happy holiday!













                                                                                  International Students Section

                                                                                             October 29th, 2014