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Notice to Degree Program Students: Tuition Fee Payment and Extend of Visa Reminder

Notice to Degree Program Students:Tuition Fee Payment

and Extend of Visa Reminder

This semester endson 18th July, 2015. Please pay attention to following announcements.

I.Pay for relevant fees:


       Chinese Language Program: 9000RMB/semester

      Undergraduate: 24000 RMB /year

      Master’s degreeTaught in Chinese: 25000 RMB/year

      Master’s degreeTaught in English: 30000 RMB/year

      Doctor’s degreeTaught in Chinese: 32000 RMB/year

Insurance feecompulsive: 800RMB/ year; 400 RMB/semester

Accommodation fee: Shahe campus:

  Class 2012 and 2013: 1800 RMB/year (winter/summer break not included)

  Class 2014: 7500 RMB/year (winter/summer break not included)

(The change of room type and price will depend on school’s arrangement.)

Payment Due Date: 9:00-11:00, 14:00-16:00; 7th,8th, May, 2015.

Payment method: Fees can only be paid by debit card to the finance office. (Please leave your debit card number to ISS and relevant department before 25th, Apr.)

Note: 1, Account balance should be more than the total amountof tuition fee, insurance fee and accommodation fee.

2,Finance office on Zhanlan Road campus is Room202 in main building; Finance office on Shahe campus, Room 101 in the Reception Centre.


II. Visa

 ISS will help to extend visa for students who paid their fees.

Document collection time:

 14th, May , 2015 (Shahe campus)  900-11001400-16:00

 15th,May, 2015 (Zhanlan Road campus)  900-11001400-16:00

Please submit all documents to Room 101 at Reception Center (Shahe campus) or Room 244, main building (Zhanlan Road campus).

Required Documents:

1.       Passport

2.       One recent two-inch frontal colorful photo of the applicant. (pale blue or white background)

3.       the Registration Form of Temporary Residence (ISS helps to register for students staying on Shahe campus )

4.       Visa application fee: 400 RMB

5.       Service fee for visa representative agency:100 RMB

Returning date of passport: Around 20th,Jun.

Note: ISS cannot help students who fail to pay tuition and insurance fee without any acceptable reasons with the extension of their visa. ISS is not responsible for any consequences caused by student’s own actions.


                               International Students Section

                              30th March, 2015